Dream House (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

LifeStyleFilm and DramaDream House (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

The latest Chinese drama series set in the interior decoration and home improvement industry, Dream House, will be broadcast on CCTV starting Thursday, April 28, 2022. Directed by Cui Liang, this Cdrama can also be watched online via the live streaming video platform Tencent Video.

Pan Yue Ming, Angel Wang Ou, Sun Jian, and Li Yi Tong were lined up as the main players. Other supporting artists who also appear in the CDrama, also known as ‘The Ideal House’, include Liu Tian Zuo, Dai Si, Xhang Kai Li, Dong Xuan, and Run Chen.

Basically, Dream House tells the inspirational story of a man and a woman who share the same dream with the principle of ‘build an ideal house’. This 40-episode TV series also provides an overview of the chaos that often occurs in the home improvement industry and reflects the real situation of ordinary people who find it difficult to renovate their homes.

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Dream House Chinese Drama Info

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TitleDream House (The Ideal House)
GenreBusiness, romance, family, drama
DirectorCui Liang
WritersXiang Yue Hong
Episodes40 Episodes
Release DateThursday, 28.04.2022
Original NetworkCCTV
Watch LinkTencent Video


Yang Guang (Pan Yue Ming) is a manager at a small-scale interior decoration company who only works to earn a living and look after his family. But it turns out that excessive tolerance for his family causes a big problem.

As a result, Yang Guang has to join a bigger company and become a project manager at his new place, where he meets a talented designer Chen Xi (Wang Ou). Coming from a different world triggers a misunderstanding between Yang Guang and Chen Xi so they don’t like each other.

Who would have thought that when they worked together, they turned out to be solid partners. After working together on a high-quality project, their suspicions about each other melt away and turn into co-workers.

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Despite going through various chaos at work, problems and setbacks do not make them forget the principle in creating the ideal home for customers. In the process, Yang Guang and Chen Xi came to understand the true meaning of the word home, so their careers took off and the seeds of love began to grow in each other’s hearts.


  • Pan Yue Ming (Yang Guang)
  • Angel Wang Ou (Chen Xi)
  • Sun Jian (Jing Yu Heng)
  • Li Yi Tong (Song Xiao Yu)
  • Liu Tian Zuo (Liu Jian Dong)
  • Dai Si (Sun Ning)
  • Zhang Kai Li (Xie Shu Na)
  • Dong Xuan (Ye Lan)
  • Run Chen (Xiao Hong Jie)
  • Yue Yao Li (Uncle Shen)

Dream House Video Trailer

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Watch Chinese Drama Dream House (The Ideal House) with English subtitles as many as 40 Episodes every – on the official Tencent Video network website.

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