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Bad Girlfriend (2022), Korean Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

Byeon Seo Yoon balances herself between two lovers in the new romantic drama series, Bad Girlfriend. The series, directed by Lee Si Young, began airing on July 5, 2022 online through the live video streaming platforms Naver TV, Viki, and VLive.

Produced by WHYNOT media (One Fine Week, Be My Boyfriend), Bad Girlfriend tells the story of Ji Soo, a beautiful woman who is in two relationships at once: with her boss at work, and with a fresh graduate. Though at first things go smoothly, Ji Soo’s relationships begin to fall apart when her younger boyfriend decides to start working in the same office as her.

The story of Ji Soo’s romantic life will be filled with a relatively new and refreshing cast. The series becomes the debut for OMEGA X’s Hyuk, who plays the character of the younger lover. On the other hand, Ji Soo’s boss is played by actor Park Young Woon in his first main role. Byeon Seo Yoon herself returns to the leading position since her role in the omnibus series, Can You Deliver Time?

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Bad Girlfriend Korean Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleBad Girlfriend
GenreRomance, drama
DirectorLee Si Young
WritersPark Jeong Yoon
Episodes12 Episodes
Release DateTuesday, 05/07/2022
AiredTuesday Thursday
Original NetworkNaver TV Cast, Viki, vLive
Watch LinkViki

Watch Korean Drama Bad Girlfriend with English subtitles as many as 12 Episodes every Tuesday Thursday on the official Viki network website.


Yang Ji Soo (Byeon Seo Yoon) is an attractive woman to everyone. As part of the YN advertising planner team, Ji Soo has captured the hearts of countless men in her office. The logical and cold-looking YN team leader, Yoon Tae Oh (Park Young Woon), is no exception. They eventually start a relationship as a couple.

But outside the office, Ji Soo is still an attractive woman. Her personality and appearance caught the attention of Moon Ji Ho (Yang Hyuk), a warm and cheerful part-time cafe employee. As a result, Ji Soo gets herself another boyfriend.

Problems arise when Ji Ho, who has just graduated, starts working at Ji Soo’s office, without realizing that his presence forces Ji Soo to choose between the two men she is dating at once.


  • Byeon Seo Yoon (Yang Ji Soo)
  • Park Young Woon (Yoon Tae Oh)
  • Yang Hyuk (Moon Ji Ho)

Bad Girlfriend Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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