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Following the success of its first season, YT and his colleagues are back with the drama series Big White Duel II. The sequel to the drama, also known as ‘The White Strongman’, which began airing on Monday, July 25, 2022, can also be watched online through the live streaming video platform Youku.

Roger Kwok Chun On, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Natalie Tong Sze Wing, and Kelly Cheung are again lined up as the main players. While Moses Chan Ho and Nancy Wu Ding Xin are new faces in the second season of Big White Duel.

This sequel continues the story from the previous season. The story of doctors who spend all day trying to save the lives of patients at Marshall Paxton Hospital and the struggle to change the hospital’s medical policies to better accommodate patient needs.

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Big White Duel 2 Hong Kong Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleBig White Duel 2
GenreMedical, romance, drama
DirectorMarco Law, Wu Guan Zhen
WritersBenny Wong Wai Keung
Episodes30 Episodes
Release DateMonday, 07/25/2022
AiredMonday to Saturday
Original NetworkTVB
Watch LinkYouku

Watch Hong Kong Drama Big White Duel 2 with English subtitles as many as 30 Episodes every Monday to Saturday on the official Youku network website.


Yeung Yat To (Roger Kwok) hopes to change the hospital’s medical policies to reduce the number of patients who have to lose their lives for the simple reason of not being able to provide medical expenses. Unfortunately, YT’s plans are opposed by Ip Ching (Nancy Wu), a tough female doctor who has undoubted work skills.

Unexpectedly, the oncologist who is a newcomer at Marshall Paxton Hospital is amazed by Tong Ming’s (Kenneth Ma) extraordinary medical abilities. Even Ip Ching fell in love with Dr. Tong, while Tong Ming only cares about his fiancé, So Yee (Natalie Tong), a doctor who works in the ER.

In addition, ER Marshall Paxton Hospital is now also equipped with the presence of Lee Man Shuen (Moses Chan), a doctor with dual professional qualifications who was previously part of Doctors Without Borders. Interestingly, Dr. Lee is the ex-boyfriend of Lui Oi Ning (Kelly Cheung), YT’s current lover.


  • Roger Kwok (Yeung Yat To / Dr. Yeung / YT)
  • Kenneth Ma (Tong Ming / Dr. Tong)
  • Moses Chan (Lee Man Shuen / Dr. Lee / Vincent)
  • Nancy Wu (Ip Ching / Dr. Ip)
  • Natalie Tong (Soo Yee / Dr. So / Zoe)
  • Kelly Cheung (Lui Oi Ning / Dr. Lui / Yan)
  • Ram Chiang (Yu Cham Tam / Dr. Yu / Samuel)
  • Max Cheung (Wan Ming Cheung / Dr. Wan / Martin)
  • Virginia Lau (Cheung Ting)
  • Lesley Chiang (Fan Wai Shan / Dr. Fan / Rachel)
  • Osanna Chiu (Cheung Sin Si / Dr. Cheung / Jackie)

Big White Duel 2 Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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