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The emotional love story that occurs in the midst of the turmoil of battle will be present through the latest Chinese drama series, Love in Flames of War. The 43-episode drama, which was adapted from a novel by Ling Xi, can be watched online via the live streaming video platform Youku.

Shawn Dou (Dou Xiao) and Chen Du Ling are lined up as the main players who will compete acting with a number of other supporting artists including Yuan Hao, Zhao Ying Zi, Leon Lai, and Dong Xuan. The actor who plays Yan Xun in the hit drama series ‘Princess Agents’ (2017) this time will play as the son of a general who has a rebellious temperament.

This romance drama, which takes place in the early 20th century, is directed by Chung Shu Kai and Zeng Li Zhen.

Check out all the important info related to the Chinese Drama Love in Flames of War (Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He) that C-Drama Lovers need to know.

Love in Flames of War Chinese Drama Info

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TitleLove in Flames of War (Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He)
GenreHistorical, romance, drama
DirectorChung Shu Kai, Zeng Li Zhen
WritersLing Xi (Novel)
Episodes43 Episodes
Release DateSaturday, 30.04.2022
AiredEvery day
Original NetworkZhejiang Satellite TV, Youku
Watch LinkYouku, Viki


In the early of the 20th Century, a young talented girl – Lin Hang Jing (Chen Du Ling) – is forced to flee after her father is framed and imprisoned. She seeks refuge from her father’s close friend, Xiao Da Shuai.

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Upon arriving at the Xiao family, Lin Hang Jing was immediately bullied by Xiao Bei Chen, the arrogant third son of the family. Over time, Xiao Bei Chen became attracted to Lin Hang Jing, who had a strong self-confidence.

In order to train his son, Xiao Da Shuai intends to send him to a military academy. However, his father’s orders were immediately rejected by Xiao Bei Chen who didn’t want to be separated from Lin Hang Jing.

The seventh aunt, Qi Yi Niang, finally managed to persuade Xiao Bei Chen by promising to match him with Lin Hang Jing after he graduated from the military academy. It took Xiao Bei Chen five years to endure the rigorous training of the instructors, to face life-and-death situations in battle, to finally grow up as a valiant warrior.

After returning, Xiao Bei Chen helped his father carry out his military duties. He also intends to propose to Hang Jing, before realizing that his crush has fallen in love with Mu Zi Zheng (Yuan Hao).

However, in order to save her father’s life, Lin Hang Jing finally agreed to undergo a fake marriage with Xiao Bei Chen. After getting married, they became strangers to each other due to various misunderstandings until finally Lin Hang Jing disappeared in an accident.

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After seven years had passed, Lin Hang Jing who had joined a patriotic organization finally returned to Beixincheng to persuade her husband to unite against Japan. Meanwhile, Mu Zi Zheng had sided with Japan because of his mother’s illness.

Mu Zi Zheng repeatedly tried to harm Xiao Bei Chen. In the end Xiao Bei Chen and Lin Hang Jing managed to clear up the misunderstanding and join hands to protect their homeland.


  • Chen Du Ling (Lin Hang Jing)
  • Shawn Dou (Xiao Bei Chen)
  • Yuan Hao (Mu Zi Zheng)
  • Zhao Ying Zi (Zheng Feng Qi)
  • Leon Lai (Mo Wei Yi)
  • Guan Yin (Xiao Shu Yi)
  • Zhang Gong (Kang Jing Xiong)
  • Hu Jun
  • Dong Xuan
  • Ran Xu

Love in Flames of War Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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Watch Chinese Drama Love in Flames of War (Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He) with English subtitles as many as 43 Episodes every Every day on the official Youku, Viki network website.

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