Easy! Check out How to make NGL Bio Links for Instagram and IG Stories

LifeStyleTechoBizEasy! Check out How to make NGL Bio Links for Instagram and...

Resepbyta – How to make NGL Link Bio on Instagram and IG Stories is very easy. Just follow the steps that we present below.

NGL Link is trending on social media. Targeting young users “Not Gonna Lie”, short for NGL has a number of interesting features where users can send messages without being identified.

Actually, the application designed by DeepMoji under the name “NGL:anonymous q&a” has been around since November 2021. NGL Link, which now has a fairly high rating, namely 4.9, can be downloaded via the Play Store and Apps Store.

Going Viral! What is NGL Bio Instagram & Anonymous Q&A

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Although it has not reached all regions, NGL Link has been translated into 50 languages. How to set up NGL Link on Instagram is quite simple so it’s very easy to make.

Here’s an easy way to create an NGL Link as quoted from Technews.

How to Create NGL link in Instagram Bio

  • The first step is to download the “NGL:anonymous q&a” application via the Play Store (Android) and the Apps Store (iOS).
  • The NGL logo will appear and the words “Get Questions” will appear on the main page of the application
  • Click “Get Questions”, then enter the handle of the user (eg: @ekstrajaos)
  • Wait a moment because the NGL app will process the link for the user account.
  • When finished, click “copy link”.
  • Click the “Profile” column located at the bottom right of the Instagram application.
  • Click “Edit Profile”, then click “Bio”
  • Embed the prepared NGL Link into the bio column by clicking and holding it for a while until the words “paste” appear.
  • Paste the link, click the tick icon at the top right.
  • Save all data by clicking the tick icon on the top right.
  • Done! The NGL link has been embedded in the Instagram bio and can be used immediately.

How to Create NGL Links on IG Stories

This step is part of the above method starting after the fifth number.

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  • After entering the handle in the NGL application, click “Copy Link” in the column provided.
  • Just open the Instagram application.
  • Swipe the screen to the left like when uploading content on Instagram Stories.
  • Click the “Stickers” icon.
  • Select “Link” and Paste
  • NGL link has been uploaded to Instagram.
  • Open the NGL application and click “Inbox” to check incoming messages.
  • Click the heart-shaped icon (Email).
  • If you want to reply to a message, you can click “Reply”.

For information, the Link NGL application has 2 ways of subscribing, namely by free and paid.

Ok, that’s all for information on how to create an Instagram and IG Story NGL bio link. Good luck.

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