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Don’t Get Lost Again: How to Calibrate Google Maps for Android and iPhone

Google Maps has become an essential tool in everyday life, providing directions and routes for millions of users. However, sometimes we encounter inaccuracies in navigation that can disrupt our journey.

Why Isn’t Google Maps Always Accurate?

Inaccuracies in Google Maps can be caused by various factors. One of the main causes is delays in data updates. For example, changes in road layouts or new construction may not be reflected in the app in real-time, leading to incorrect directions.

Practical Solution: Calibrate Google Maps

To address this issue, one solution that can be done is to calibrate Google Maps within the Google Maps app. This calibration process helps improve the precision of the directions shown by the app, ensuring that the directions you follow match the reality on the ground.

Calibration Steps on Android and iPhone Devices

  1. On Android Devices:
  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Touch the blue dot icon that indicates your current location.
  • Select the ‘Calibrate’ or ‘Calibrate Compass’ option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to move your phone in a figure-eight motion.
  • Do this several times until the compass is correctly calibrated.
  1. On iPhone Devices:
  • Download and open the Google Maps app from the App Store.
  • Touch the blue dot icon that indicates your location.
  • Select the ‘Calibrate’ option.
  • Perform the same motion as on Android devices to calibrate the compass.

Additional Tips for Better Accuracy

  • Make sure you are in an open area when calibrating to avoid signal interference.
  • Activate high accuracy mode in your device’s location settings.
  • Calibrate the compass regularly to maintain navigation accuracy.


By following these calibration steps, you can improve the accuracy of Google Maps on your Android and iPhone devices. This process is simple and can provide significant benefits in your daily navigation experience.

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