Becoming Witch (2022), Korean Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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Lee Yoori, Lee Min Young, and Yoon So Yi are united by revenge and murderous intent in TV Chosun’s new drama series, Becoming Witch. Directed by Kim Yoon Cheol, the series can be watched from June 25, 2022 via live streaming video platforms TV Chosun and Netflix.

Also known as The Witch is Alive, the series tells the story of three female friends in their 40s who have different backgrounds. They have only one thing in common, each has someone in her life she wants to kill.

This black comedy series marks Kim Yoon Cheol’s return to the director seat after working on Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018) and Woman of Dignity (2017). Also starring veteran actors such as Jung Sang Hoon, Kim Young Jae, and Ryu Yeon Seok, Becoming Witch is ready to present a unique mix of household dramas and mystery.

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Becoming Witch Korean Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleBecoming Witch
GenreMystery, comedy
DirectorKim Yoon Cheol
WritersPark Pa Ran
Episodes16 Episodes
Release DateSaturday, 06/25/2022
Original NetworkTV Chosun, Netflix
Watch LinkNetflix

Watch Korean Drama Becoming Witch with English subtitles as many as 16 Episodes every Saturday on the official Netflix network website.


This is a story about three women. Gong Ma Ri (Lee Yoo Ri) is a housewife with a harmonious family, until her husband is caught cheating. Chae Hee Soo (Lee Min Young) lives as a daughter-in-law in a wealthy family, with a sickly in-law and a husband who demands that she get pregnant soon. Yang Jin Ah (Yoon So Yi) gets an inheritance after her evil husband dies, but is worried that the money will be snatched away.

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Despite having different conditions and backgrounds, the three women who are in their 40s form a friendship based on the same fate. This becomes a story of three women, who have one wish: to kill someone in each their life.


  • Lee Yoo Ri (Gong Ma Ri)
  • Lee Min Young (Chae Hee Soo)
  • Yoon So Yi (Yang Jin Ah)
  • Jung Sang Hoon (Lee Nak Goo)
  • Kim Young Jae (Nam Moo Yeong)
  • Ryu Yeon Seok (Kim Woo Bin)
  • Kim Sa Kwon (Jang Sang Pil)
  • Han So Eun (Im Go Eun)
  • Kim Hyun Jun (Lee Nam Gyu)

Becoming Witch Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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