Legacy (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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The emotional story about the inheritance rights of a well-known family comes through the drama Legacy which will air from Thursday, May 19, 2022. This 45-episode drama can be watched online through the live streaming video platform Youku.

The drama series, known in Chinese as ‘Heirloom’, is directed by Wang Wei and Bai Yun Mo and the script is written by Yu Zheng. Basically, Legacy tells the story of three daughters from a conglomerate family who struggle to save their family from trouble in a turbulent era.

Qin Lan, Wu Jin Yan, and Zhang Nan were lined up as the main players along with Nie Yuan, Han Geng, and Zheng Kai. A number of supporting artists who also performed include Liu Jun, Miao Pu, Zhang Yi Jie, Zhang Yi Xi, Roy wang, Deng Sha, and He Feng Tian.

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Legacy Chinese Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Stream

GenreHistorical, business, drama, family
DirectorWang Wei, Bai Yun Mo
WritersYu Zheng
Episodes45 Episodes
Release DateThursday, 19.05.2022
Original NetworkYouku
Watch LinkYouku


In the late 1920s, the Yi family’s department store business went into crisis. Because Yi Zhong Jie (Zhang Yi Jie), the only son of Yi Xing Hua (Liu Jun), chose to stay away from the business world to become a doctor, the father has no choice but to entrust his business to his three daughters – the eldest Yi Zhong Ling (Qin Lan), his middle child Yi Zhong Yu (Wu Jin Yan), and his youngest daughter Yi Zhong Xiu (Zhang Nan).

The three sisters never got along so they ended up getting involved in a fierce battle for the right to inherit her father’s business. Because, Zhong Ling, Zhong Yu, and Zhong Xiu were born to different mothers.

Yi Zhong Ling was a traditional woman who had an elegant and refined demeanor, worthy of an heir. The relationship between Yi Zhong Ling and Xi Wei An (Nie Yuan) leads to marriage before they fall in love.

Meanwhile, Yi Zhong Yu, who was raised by her grandfather, a wealthy merchant in Nanyang, is a smart and reliable woman. Familiar with the business world makes Zhong Yu a formidable competitor to her eldest sister.

The youngest Yi Zhong Xiu who is currently studying in the US has a romantic and innocent heart. At first she was not too enthusiastic about inheritance rights.

In the late 1930s when the Japanese entered Shanghai, Yi Xing Hua died as a result of refusing to cooperate with the Japanese. His family business was hit hard.

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As the eldest daughter, Yi Zhong Ling jumped into action, surveyed the overall situation and united with her younger siblings to fulfill her father’s wish, which was to save the country through the business industry.


  • Qin Lan (Yi Zhong Ling)
  • Wu Jin Yan (Yi Zhong Yu)
  • Zhang Nan (Yi Zhong Xiu)
  • Nie Yuan (Xi Wei An)
  • Han Geng (Tang Feng Wu)
  • Zheng Kai (Lu Pei)
  • Liu Jun (Yi Xing Hua)
  • Miao Pu (Huang Ying Ru)
  • Zhang Yi Jie (Yi Zhong Jie)
  • Zhang Yi Xi (Ah Yuan)
  • Roy Wang (Yi Ji De)
  • Anna Fang (Yi Ji Yu)
  • Deng Sha (Su Yin)
  • He Feng Tian (Chen Bin)
  • Shen Bao Ping (Yi Shu Ye)

Legacy Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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Watch Chinese Drama Legacy with English subtitles as many as 45 Episodes every day on the official Youku network website.

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