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The Oath of Love is the latest Chinese drama series from the Tencent Video network which is scheduled to air from Tuesday, March 15, 2022. The CDrama, starring Xiao Zhan and Andy Yang Zi, can be watched online through the video life streaming platforms WeTV and Viki.

The drama, which has finished filming since November 2019, was previously scheduled to premiere in September last year before being postponed. And finally, in mid-March, fans of the handsome actor Xiao Zhan, who plays Wei Wu Xian in the popular CDrama The Untamed, can immediately witness his idol’s latest performance.

The Oath of Love is adapted from the novel Entrust the Rest of My Life to You by Bo Lin Shi Jiang. Previously, this novel was also adapted into a film called Please Enlighten Me which was released in February last year.

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Check out all the important info related to the Chinese Drama The Oath of Love (Yu Sheng Qing Duo Zhi Jiao) that C-Drama Lovers need to know.

The Oath of Love Chinese Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Stream

TitleThe Oath of Love (Yu Sheng Qing Duo Zhi Jiao)
GenreMusic, Romance, Family, Drama
DirectorLyu Ying
WritersBo Lin Shi Jiang (Novel), Lu Tian
Release DateTuesday, March 15, 2022
AiredMonday to Sunday
Original NetworkHunan TV, Tencent Video
Watch LinkWeTV, Viki


Lin Zhi Xiao (Yang Zi) is a talented rookie cellist who is preparing to start a career after graduating from college. Her almost perfect life is also complemented by the presence of a lover who loves her so much, until suddenly her world is shattered into pieces.

Lin Zhi Xiao was forced to give up her dream of pursuing a career in order to take care of her father who suddenly fell ill and had to be hospitalized. As if that wasn’t enough, Lin Zhi Xiao’s sadness grew after her lover decided to break up.

In the midst of disappointment, Lin Zhi Xiao meets Gu Wei (Xiao Zhan), a doctor who treats her father. Two people who had felt hurt and no longer believed in love began to know and understand each other.

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However, when the seeds of love begin to grow, doubts arise in each other’s hearts whether they really have found someone they can trust throughout their lives.


  • Yang Zi (Lin Zhi Xiao)
  • Xiao Zhan (Gu Wei / Dr. Gu)
  • Ma Yu Jie (Gao Xi)
  • Zhai Zi Lu (Gu Xiao)
  • Daisy Li Mu Chen (San San)
  • Li Yun Rui (Shao Jiang)
  • Wang Cheng Yang (Du Wen Jun)
  • Du Shuang Yu (Yan Cheng Jun)
  • Yang Xiao Ran (Chen Xiao Wei)
  • Zhao Shi Yi (Yin Xi)
  • Zhang Yu Qi (Jin Shi)
  • Xia Zhi Qing (Lin Jian Guo)
  • Hao Wen Ting (Li Hui Juan)

The Oath of Love Video Trailer

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Watch Chinese Drama The Oath of Love (Yu Sheng Qing Duo Zhi Jiao) with English subtitles as many as 30 Episodes every Monday to Sunday on the official WeTV, Viki network website.

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