Increase Privacy, WhatsApp ‘Leave Group’ Feature without being Known Now Can Be Used

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WhatsApp announced the privacy feature that users had been waiting for last August. These features are leaving the group (Leave Group), or unchecking the WhatsApp group, and also how to hide online status.

The WhatsApp Leave Group feature can now be used privately. According to information released from the official WhatsApp application update website on Thursday (29/9/2022), when someone leaves the WhatsApp group, except for the admin, members will not be able to see the ‘Leave Group’ of the WhatsApp group.

This new Whatsapp feature is different from the previous function. Whenever a group member leaves, the trail will appear in the group chat as a “(contact number/name) left” notification, informing all members that someone has left the group.

For some WhatsApp users who want to quietly leave the group, this situation can cause discomfort or embarrassment. This will prevent them from leaving the group even if they really wanted to.

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The reason for leaving a WhatsApp group is often unrelated to the individual. It may be that someone wants to leave the group due to other factors like following too many groups which makes the phone memory overflow, etc.

No Special Tricks Needed to “Leave Groups”

The launch of this new Whatsapp feature has become a special satisfaction for users. Without being caught, they can now leave the group.

Therefore, some tricks or ways to secretly leave Whatsapp groups are no longer needed, because users can simply use the official WhatsApp application. WhatsApp’s new “Leave Group” feature is gradually being distributed to all users.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature last August, “WhatsApp is rolling out several new privacy features: leaving groups without notification, controlling who can see when you’re online, and blocking screenshots of single-view messages,” said Zach.

In its explanation, WhatsApp said, “We believe making calls and sending messages should be safe and private, just like when having a face-to-face conversation. It’s like a conversation between two people, with no one else in between.”

If your current WhatsApp is unable to silently leave groups, try updating the app to the latest version. Like most updates, app updates will be made available gradually.

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Ami Vora, WhatsApp Product Manager, said the launch of the feature is part of WhatsApp’s focus on building features that give users more control and privacy in their messages.

We believe WhatsApp is the safest place to have private conversations,” he said some time ago, as quoted by the BBC’s

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