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3 Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Number Unsearchable on Getcontact

Don’t want our information data to be tracked through the mobile number that we have through the Getcontact application? Follow the steps below on how to prevent our number from being searched on getcontact.

The main function of the Getcontact application is to track whether the number calling us is a fraud. However, the advantages of this Getcontact feature are sometimes abused by cyber fraudsters.

It turns out that the Getcontact feature can bring up our names stored in the contact list on our acquaintances’ cellphones. Our number can also be ‘tagged’ by anyone who visits our profile. As a result, we receive SPAM messages from people we don’t know directly whose contents are sometimes disrespectful or even spread slander.

Even important information ranging from home address, spouse’s name, school origin, place of work, aliases, etc., which are personal, can be known if you are not careful. These data can be important information for people who are not suitable for evil intentions. For example, this data info can be used for personal ‘profile’ purposes, as material for spreading gossip, etc.

Several ways can be followed to make our number untraceable on Getcontact.

1. Close GetContact Account Permanently

The easiest way to keep your number from being traced is to close your Getcontact account permanently. How to permanently close the account must go through the Getcontact web. Follow these steps:

  • Visit this website link, https://www.getcontact.com/send-report
  • Fill in all the required data
  • State the reason why you want to delete the account
  • Fill in the captcha
  • Press the “Submit” button
  • Wait for confirmation that Getcontact will send to your email no later than 7 days.

2. Freeze Getcontact Account

The following way so that our number does not appear on other people’s cellphones is to freeze the Getcontact account. It’s easy; follow this tutorial:

  • Open the Getcontact app
  • Press the other menu or tap the horizontal three lines
  • Select Settings, proceed by clicking on Account Settings
  • Click Manage Account
  • Give a reason why you want to freeze your account
  • Now, Select Freeze and Done.

3. Still Using Getcontact But Don’t Want To Be Seen By Others

The following way is if we still want to use the Getcontact application but don’t want to be seen by others. For this, Getcontact provides the option to manage privacy. The method is very easy. Here are the steps:

  • Visit the getcontact website via this link, https://getcontact.com/manage
  • Select “Manage Your Privacy on Getcontact
  • VerifyKit verification that can be done faster can be via Whatsapp or SMS
  • Click “Quick Login Via Whatsapp
  • Send a written message directly to the official Getcontact number
  • Next, press the “Visibility Settings” button
  • Find a menu that says, “Visibility is located at the very bottom.”
  • Swipe so that it says, “Visibility is off.”
  • The last step, press the “Yes” button to confirm.

Receiving messages that we do not want certainly makes us uncomfortable. To keep our privacy safe, we must find a way to make our number unsearchable through GetContact.

With the tutorial tips and tricks above, your mobile number can no longer be found on Get Contact. Good luck!.

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