EA Sports Will Turn FIFA Mobile Into FIFA World Cup 2022

FootballWorld CupEA Sports Will Turn FIFA Mobile Into FIFA World Cup 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held from 20 November to 18 December in Qatar. The teams from each country that have qualified are ready to play for the Cup, which can only be contested once every four years.

In addition to the 32 national teams participating in the World Cup, supporting fans around the world can also support their favorite team to be the best.

In order to provide full support for the most prestigious sporting event in the world, EA SPORTS, are ready to turn their mobile soccer game, FIFA Mobile, into a unifying place for players to be able to enjoy the 2022 World Cup anytime and anywhere from their respective gadgets.

List of 32 Countries Participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Complete Player Names

The 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar will kick-off from 20 November to 18 December 2022. The following is a list...

FIFA Mobile is the only FIFA World Cup™ 2022 mobile game that is officially licensed. Starting November 9, FIFA Mobile players can experience the atmosphere of competing with their favorite team in the single-play FIFA World Cup™ 2022 mode.

Through single-play mode, players can control 32 national teams to fight for the championship position, and watch their favorite team lift the 2022 World Cup championship trophy.

In addition, in the FIFA Mobile game application there is a live event for the 2022 World Cup. Starting November 18, players can also take part in the event and have the opportunity to get prizes and choose players who are considered strong to strengthen their Ultimate Team™ during the competition.

List of 26 German players for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Germany coach Hansi Flick has announced a list of 26 players for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Neuer and Müller took the lead,...

The FIFA Mobile game can be downloaded via Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users, free of charge.

FIFA World Cup™ 2022

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