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See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again (2023), 24 Eps Chinese Dramas: How To Watch & Trailers

See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again Chinese Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again, the latest Chinese Drama 2023, here.

A comedy romance drama series, ‘See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again’, is scheduled to start airing on Thursday, 04 May 2023. This web-drama adapted from the Taiwanese drama series ‘My Lucky Star’ (2007) can be watched online via Youku live streaming video platform.

SNH48 idol group graduates, Tang Min alias Tu Tu, and Liu Yu Han lined up to be the main characters in the drama series worked on by director Zhang Kai Qiang. What’s interesting, unlike in the original story, the main character pair in this series don’t use the names Zhong Tian Qi and Xia Zhi Xing, but Lu Yi Ze and Lin Xiao Xia.

Basically, this drama, which is also known as ‘Meet the Star of Midsummer Night’, tells the story of a love story between a cheerful girl from a fishing village who dreams of becoming a famous jewelry designer and a spoiled rich young master from a family of jewelry entrepreneurs.

Before watching this 24 Series Chinese Drama, first take a look at the following preview of See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again.

See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again Chinese Drama Series Info

TitleSee Midsummer Night’s Stars Again
GenreComedy, romance, drama
DirectorZhang Kai Qiang

See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again Storyline

Lin Xiao Xia (Tang Min) is a village girl who has a big dream of becoming a famous jewelry designer. With determination she ventured to go to the big city to work hard to make her dream come true.

But instead of fulfilling dreams, the pressures of real life actually make Lin Xiao Xia become a jewelery con artist who tricks people into buying fake jewelery at high prices. Until one day she meets Lu Yi Ze, a spoiled young master who comes from a family of jewelers, who runs away after stealing a precious necklace from his family.

Over time, they became good friends. Even Lu Yi Ze was the only person who believed in Lin Xiao Xia and encouraged her to leave past mistakes and pursue her dream career again. On the other hand, the young master also began to learn how to appraise jewelery and became aware of the hard work his family put into it.

Showtimes & Watch Link

Original NetworkYouku
Broadcast DateThursday, May 04, 2023
ShowtimesThursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes24 Series
Watch LinkYouku

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Chinese Drama See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again which will air on Thursday, May 04, 2023.

Cast of See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again

  • Tang Min (Lin Xiao Xia)
  • Liu Yu Han (Lu Yi Ze)
  • Ge Qiu Gu (Han Dong Lin)
  • Shen Yao (Meng Ruo Nan)
  • Chi Ning Ning (Gao An An)
  • Qiu Bai Hao (Lu Yi Ming)
  • Guo Xin Yu (Xu Lang)
  • Krystal Lan (Fang Fang)
  • Li Ya Nan (Chen Yong Ping)

See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again Video Trailer

YouTube video
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