Valentino Rossi’s Last Racing Shirt Before Retirement Gets a Special Design

SportsMotoGPValentino Rossi's Last Racing Shirt Before Retirement Gets a Special Design

MotoGP Valencia 2021 is the last motorcycle racing event for Valentino Rossi. Racing suit The Doctor’s was specially designed by Dainese as a thank you because Rossi has always used their own Wearpack.

Dainese is a world-class manufacturer of Wearpacks. So far, Rossi has entrusted his racing uniform to Dainese since the beginning of his career in motor racing.

Valentino Rossi’s last racing shirt in MotoGP was specially designed with the addition of a few words “Grazie” which means “Thank you“.

From the picture taken from Dainese’s official IG account, it can be seen that Grazie’s writing is in several places on Rossi’s last racing shirt.

Tulisan Grazie di baju balap MotoGP terakhir Rossi

If you look closely, Dainese added the words Grazie on the racing shirt on the lower back, upper right collar, lower left arm, and right thigh.

As reported by Kompas from Instagram @daineseofficial, Dainese included a random article on making Rossi’s last special racing suit as well as a thank you to the owner of the VR46 Academy.

“26 seasons on your skin, protecting a legend in creation. VALENTINO ROSSI VALENCIA racing suit 2021. This is the last @valeyellow46 @motogp racing suit. The most advanced racing protection. This is history, not the end. Thank you, Valentino,” wrote Dainese on his IG.

Dainese deserves to thank Vale because the 42-year-old MotoGP racer has never changed the brand Wearpack since the beginning of his career in 1996 in the 125cc class until the 2021 MotoGP season.

Valentino Rossi Racing Shirt Prices

As additional information. Valentino Rossi’s racing suit is designed with advanced and intelligent technology.

A variety of sophisticated equipment is pinned on the racing clothes of the 9-time motorcycle racing world champion. There is an airbag system designed by Dainese called D-air to protect The Doctor when he falls on the track or crashes.

Quoted from Gridoto, Valentino Rossi’s racing suit costs 4,000 thousand Euros or the equivalent of Rp. 70 million.

This price excludes the price of the shoes and gloves that Rossi is wearing.

The total equipment used by Rossi when racing reached 6000 Euros or 100 million Rupiah.

Valentino Rossi helmet

In addition to racing clothes, the AGV helmet that Rossi wears as his head protector when racing Grand Prix motorcycles is also entrusted to the AGV manufacturer from 1996 until it will end in MotoGP 2021.

For information, the Rossi helmet was designed and designed with special technology that is very aerodynamic and known to most light in the world. The AGV Pista GP R helmet was worn by Rossi in the 2016 and 2017 MotoGP seasons for 1200 Euros or the equivalent of Rp. 20 million at that time.

Several types of Valentino Rossi helmets that have been used in motorcycle racing are AGV Q3 Pro 1996-1998, AGV X-Vent 1998-2002, AGV Ti-Tech 2003-2007, AGV GP-Tech 2008-2011, AGV Pista GP 2012-2015, AGV Pista GP R 2016-2017, and AGV Pista GP RR in the 2018-2021 MotoGP season.

Final Race at Valencia 2021

Valentino Rossi has completed his last race in GP motorcycle racing by participating in the 2021 Valencia MotoGP which will be held on Sunday, November 14, 2021, at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, Spain.