Without a Premium Subscription, You Can Now Watch 4K Quality Youtube Videos

LifeStyleTechoBizWithout a Premium Subscription, You Can Now Watch 4K Quality Youtube Videos

Resepbyta.com – Starting in October 2022, YouTube actually started trying to offer 4K video quality to those who subscribed to YouTube Premium. Youtube Premium users have to pay to be able to enjoy 4K video quality.

But a netizen reportedly tweeted Youtube, and advised YouTube not to force users to subscribe to the premium version to watch 4K quality videos.

“What if you don’t force us to subscribe to YouTube premium to be able to watch videos in quality,” one user asked in a YouTube tweet.

Apparently Youtube immediately responded. In a tweet, YouTube confirmed that it had removed the rule that required users to subscribe to YouTube Premium to enjoy 4K videos.

All YouTube consumers can regain access to 4K video without a subscription. Now viewers can watch 4K video quality without a premium subscription.

In a free translation, “We have completely disabled this experiment. Viewers can now access 4K quality resolution without a Premium membership,” Youtube tweeted in response to a user’s question translated freely by Resepbyta.com, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

YouTube Premium

For those who are curious, there are three categories of how to subscribe to access YouTube Premium, namely Individual, Family, and Student.

These three YouTube Premium package options have different prices and features so you can customize them according to your individual needs.

Here’s a list of YouTube Premium prices in some regions:

CountryIndividualFamily (for 6)Student
Australia14.99 AUD22.99 AUD8.99 AUD
Canada11.99 CAD17.99 CAD6.99 CAD
New Zealand17.99 NZD29.99 NZD10.49 NZD
United Kingdom11.99 GBP17.99 GBP6.99 GBP
USA11.99 USD17.99 USD6.99 USD
Source: vpnwiki