Apple Releases Self-Service iPhone Repair Program (iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE Generation 3)

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A new self-service iPhone repair program has been released by Apple. Users can perform some repairs at home on iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-generation iPhone SE, which was announced late last year. Europe is set to launch later this year.

With the new Apple self-service repair policy announced in November 2021, customers can purchase genuine, in-stock parts and equipment, so that they can fix their iPhones themselves. In fact, the company has already begun offering its services to customers in the United States and plans to expand its services to other countries in the future as well.

Apple plans to use its online store to sell replacement parts and tools for the repair of mobile devices. At first, only parts will be available for repairing iPhone 12 and 13 compatible phones, as well as the iPhone SE 3 series smartphone.

Over 200 parts and accessories will be available for purchase including screens, batteries, cameras, etc. Later this year, Apple will also be able to provide parts, tools, and repair manuals for many chip-based models of Macs.

According to Apple, before customers order parts or tools to repair their iPhone, they should first check the company’s website for repair manuals. Please contact to determine whether this symptom is caused by any defective parts. Which tools will be required to replace such components? It may be necessary to replace other damp parts as well. After careful study, order spare parts from the internet. Complete the self-service repair procedure one more time

Furthermore, Apple provides a rental service for tools used for repairs. If the customer does not repair the device frequently, they do not have to pay full price for the tool. The tool is available for rent for $49 (roughly 38,99 Pound), free shipping, and can be rented for up to one week.

The company will start to offer its services to European countries by 2022 and will continue to extend its service to other countries in the next zone… it is called good service which gives the customer more options.

In the event that you do not want to go to the service center yourself, at least if some technicians have been trained, they may be able to repair the machine themselves. In addition, general repair shops will have genuine parts to serve their customers as well, after Samsung has announced they will also offer the same service to customers in the United States.