Oh My Lord (2022) : C-Drama 15 Episodes, Release Date, Where to Watch & Synopsis

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Oh My Lord, the latest Chinese drama series from the iQIYI network of historical genre rom-com is ready to air from Monday, February 14, 2022. Lifting the love story between a cheerful girl and a fake eunuch, C-Drama Oh My Lord can be watched online via video platforms iQIYI.

Oh My Lord marks the reunion of Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han as the main pair of players after being involved in the Make My Heart Smile series which aired last year. Set in the beautiful city of Fu Xian, this CDrama is directed by Cai Jun Ai and scripted by Fresh Guo Guo.

Check out all the important info related to the Chinese drama Oh My Lord (Re Bu Qi De Qian Sui Daren, Oh My Qian Sui Sama) that C-Drama Lovers need to know.

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Oh My Lord Chinese drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Live Stream

TitleOh My Lord (Re Bu Qi De Qian Sui Daren, Oh My Qian Sui Sama)
GenreHistorical, romance, comedy
DirectorCai Jun Ai
WritersFresh Guo Guo
Episodes15 eps.
Release DateMonday, February 14, 2022
Original NetworkiQIYI
Watch LinkiQIYI


Chen You You (Ji Mei Han) is a bright and cheerful girl with tenacious vitality. But the girl really longs for a happy and free life considering the strict rules that the family imposes on her.

On the other hand, Bai Li (Luo Zheng), is a great eunuch that the city lord Fu Xian relies heavily on. In fact, he is Lord Qian Sui, a cold-hearted noble who hides behind an identity as a fake eunuch in order to uncover the truth of an injustice case.

With opposite characters, Chen You You and Bai Li are forced to marry each other. Starting from an atmosphere of mutual suspicion, mutual attack and self-defense, finally the cheerful girl and the most handsome young man in Fu Xian City failed to guard their hearts and allowed the seeds of love to grow.

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  • Ji Mei Han (Chen You You)
  • Luo Zheng (Bai Li / Lord Qian Sui)
  • Hummer Zhang
  • Martin Zhang
  • Chen Ming Hao
  • Yang Yi Mo
  • Zhu Meiji
  • Hu Wei (Gu Tian He)

Oh My Lord Video Trailer

YouTube video

Watch Chinese drama Oh My Lord with English subtitles as many as 15 eps. every – on the official iQIYI network website.

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