Dine With Love (2022) : 24 Eps Chinese drama, Synopsis, Where To Watch, & Release Date

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Right on Valentine’s Day, Hunan TV network will broadcast the latest romantic drama series, Dine With Love, starting on Monday, February 14, 2022. This 24-episode CDrama can be watched online through the live streaming video platform Mango TV.

The CDrama Dine With Love is the latest work of writer Hu Hui who was previously involved in writing another romantic drama series, Hello Mr. Gu. Meanwhile, Gao Han Yu and Jade Cheng were lined up as the main pair of players who played the characters Yu Hao and Su Ke Lan.

Several other artists involved as supporting actors include Wang Pei Han, He Lei, Bai Xin Yi, Yang Xue Er, and Lu Lu.

Check out all the important info related to the Chinese drama Dine With Love (Pei Ni Yi Qi Hao Hao Chi Fan) that C-Drama Lovers need to know.

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Dine With Love Chinese drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Live Stream

TitleDine With Love (Pei Ni Yi Qi Hao Hao Chi Fan)
GenreFood, Romance
DirectorChen Gang
WritersHu Hui
Episodes24 Eps.
Release DateMonday, February 14, 2022
AiredMonday Tuesday
Original NetworkHunan TV
Watch LinkMango TV


Yu Hao (Gao Han Yu), the owner of a fresh food company, is on fire after a television crew exposes himself to using stunts in a culinary show. In this critical condition, the director of public relations resigned due to Yu Hao’s intolerable temper.

Su Ke Lan (Jade Zheng) is chosen as a temporary replacement to continue the messy public relations work. As someone who is family oriented and loves food, it is not difficult for her to resolve the conflict between Yu Hao and the crew in an intelligent manner.

Not only that, Su Ke Lan also managed to convince Yu Hao to no longer deceive the audience and learn to love the world of cooking. For that, she is willing to become a cooking teacher for her boss.

Slowly, Su Ke Lan opened her heart and found that despite his cruel and indifferent appearance, Yu Hao actually had a soft heart. His difficulty in getting along well with other people is due to an incident he experienced as a child.

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Su Ke Lan finallymanaged to bring her boss into the kitchen and slowly entered Yu Hao’s heart.


  • Gao Han Yu (CEO Yu Hao)
  • Zheng Qiu Hong (Su Kelan)
  • Wang Pei Han (Han Meng)
  • He Lei
  • Bai Xin Yi
  • Yang Xue Er
  • Lu Lu

Dine With Love (Pei Ni Yi Qi Hao Hao Chi Fan) Video Trailer


Watch Chinese drama Dine With Love (Pei Ni Yi Qi Hao Hao Chi Fan) with English subtitles as many as 24 Eps. every Monday Tuesday on the official Mango TV network website.

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