List of Korean Movies and Dramas Made by Netflix in 2022

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The success of Squid Game, Hellbound, and a number of other shows fueled Netflix’s plans to double the amount of Korean content by 2022. In fact, the worldwide online video streaming platform plans to introduce 25 original Korean content this year.

This news was conveyed by the vice president of content at Netflix Korea, Kang Dong Han, in an interview session on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, which was attended by more than 140 local journalists.

“The global viewing time of Korean works increased by six times last year,” said Kang Dong Han.

“Although I can’t specifically say how much we are investing in Korean content this year, I can say we have invested 1 trillion won ($838.7 billion) since we entered the Korean market, and last year alone we spent 500 billion won. If we released 15 original works last year and will release 25 this year, I imagine you have a good idea of a ballpark figure,” he explained.

List of Netflix Original Korean Movies and Dramas in 2022

The following is a list of 18 Korean dramas and movies out of 25 content that Netflix plans to make this year:

Drama Series

All of Us Are Dead (January 28, 2022)

The story about the spread of the zombie virus in a high school

Cast: Park Ji Ho, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, Yoo In Soo, Lee You Mi, Im Jae Hyuk

Juvenile Justice (February 2022)

It is a legal drama revolving around a judge who hates juvenile offense cases.

Cast: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, Lee Jung Eun

All of Us are Dead and other Netflix dramas

The Sound Of Magic

Adapted from the webcomic ‘Annarasumanara’ by Ha Il Kwon, it tells the story of a high school student who meets a magician.

Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Youp

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

The Korean version of the Spanish drama series ‘La Casa De Papel’ tells the story of a massive robbery that occurred through the cold hands of The Professor.

Cast: Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Yu Jin, Jun Jong Seo, Park Hae Soo, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Hyun Woo, Jang Yoon Ju, Lee Joo Bin

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Remarriage And Desires

The deal ‘The Bride of Black’ deals with the desire in the remarriage market to increase status through marriage. Carrying a story about an exclusive matchmaking agency that serves the top echelons of society.

Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, Cha Ji Yeon


The story around a girl’s struggle to track down her missing lover with the help of UFO club’s members.

Cast: Jeon Yeo Been, Nana

The Accidental Narco

A life-saving journey of a Korean drug lord in Suriname, South America, and a businessman involved in covert operations on the NIS.

Cast: Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, Jo Woo Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok, Chang Chen


Based on the film ‘American Psycho’ (2000), this drama tells the story of the developer of the social media application Som and his friends who become entangled with a mysterious person when a murder case occurs through the application.

Cast: Kim Young Kwang, Kang Hae Rim, Kim Yong Ji, Kim Soo Yeon

Glitch and Other Netflix Dramas

The Fabulous

Depicts the lives of four young men and women around work, romance and friendship. This is a true romantic drama about the daily lives of modern men and women who live alone in a city.

Cast: Chae Soo Bin, SHINee’s Choi Min Ho

A Model Family

About an ordinary family that is on the verge of collapse due to bankruptcy and an internal feud over the involvement of a violent drug ring.

Cast: Jung Woo, Park Hee Soon, Yoon Jin Seo, Park Ji Yeon

Love To Hate You

A rom-com about a man and a woman who both don’t believe in love but are caught up in a love battle.

Cast: Kim Ok Vin, YooTeo

Black Knight

Tells about future when the world is experiencing tremendous pollution, where people rely heavily on respirator masks to breathe.

Cast: Kim Woo Bin, Esom, Kang Yoo Seok


Love And Leashes (11 February 2022)

A cheerful and provocative romance story between two employees who have opposite personalities and tastes.

Cast: SNSD’s Seohyun, U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young


The conflict between a prosecutor who firmly adheres to the law and the leader of the NIS operations team who is cold-blooded and able to do anything to achieve the target.

Cast: Sol Kyung Gu, Park Hae Soo, Yang Dong Geun, Lee El, Song Jae Rim, GOT7’s Jinyoung

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Love and Leashes and Other Netflix Korean Movies


Depicts the riveting pursuit of agent Carter, who is involved in a mysterious operation in memory loss due to a virus that is spreading across the Korean peninsula.

Cast: Joo Won

Seoul vibe

An action film set in the 1988 Seoul Olympics around the ‘Samgyedong Supreme Team’, a talented crew of drivers involved in an embezzlement investigation.

Cast: Yoo Ah In, Koo Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Park Ju Hyun, Ong Seong Wu

20th Century Girl

About a painful first love that a girl experiences at the age of 17, before meeting her first love in the 21st century.

Cast: Kim You Jung, Byeon Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, Roh Yoon Seo


A sci-fi film about climate change that makes the planet uninhabitable and humans live in artificial protection in the 22nd century, as well as cloning experiments that are become a potential key to winning wars.

Cast: Kang Soo Yeon, Kim Hyun Joo, Ryu Kyung Soo


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