Rose War (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

LifeStyleFilm and DramaRose War (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

Many award-winning artists, Yuan Quan and Huang Xiao Ming, will appear in the latest Chinese drama series, Rose War, which starts airing on CCTV-8 every day at 19:30 local time starting Monday, August 8, 2022. Known as the ‘Battle of the Roses’, it can also be watched online through the live streaming video platforms Tencent Video (WeTV) and iQIYI.

The drama, directed by Sun Hao (Joy of Life, Hi, 30 Years Old!) is a remake of the American television series ‘The Good Wife’. The story of this 40-episode drama focuses on a group of lawyers with diverse personalities who work in the legal services industry through a law firm.

Not only Yuan Quan and Huang Xiao Ming, Rose War was also supported by the appearance of a number of other well-known artists including Faye Yu Fei Hong, Dai Xu, Rain Wang He Run, Lu Fang Sheng, and Wang Zhi Fei.

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Rose War Chinese Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleRose War
GenreDrama, family, law
DirectorSun Hao
WritersZheng Ren Xiang, Zhang Han
Episodes40 Episodes
Release DateMonday, 08/08/2022
AiredEvery day
Original NetworkCCTV-8, Tencent Video
Watch LinkTencent Video (WeTV), iQIYI

Watch Chinese Drama Rose War with English subtitles as many as 40 Episodes every Every day on the official Tencent Video (WeTV), iQIYI network website.


Gu Nian (Yuan Quan), a full-time housewife, and her husband, successful lawyer Song Jia Chen (Calvin Yu), lead a happy married life. Until one day Song Jia Chen becomes involved in a criminal case that also exposed his affair.

The incident had made Gu Nian feel emotionally down. In order to get back on her feet, she decides to restart her career at Yisheng He Law Firm after receiving a recommendation from Feng Sheng (Huang Xiao Ming).

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Gu Nian’s outstanding work skills are recognized by Ling Yi (Faye Yu), who is a partner of the law firm. She also helped Song Jia Chen to clear his name.

Various pressures and difficulties at work have forged Gu Nian to become a more independent and strong career woman. Not only has succeeded in bringing her to the top of her career, but she has also gradually become a reliable, courageous, and fearless lawyer to maintain legal justice.


  • Huang Xiao Ming (Feng Sheng)
  • Yuan Quan (Gu Nian)
  • Dai Xu (Fang Xu)
  • Rain Wang (Ye Qin Qin)
  • Faye Yu (Ling Yi)
  • Lu Fang Sheng (Xu Mu Yan)
  • Wang Zhi Fei (Li Da Wei)
  • Calvin Yu (Song Jia Chen)
  • Zhang Yi Shang (Shen Qin)
  • Sui Jun Bo (Xu Qian Ni)
  • Heidi Wang (Guo Mei Yu)

Rose War Trailer – Eng Subtitle

YouTube video

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