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The story of a mother and her two daughters who are looking for love is beautifully written in the latest Taiwanese drama series, Mom, Don’t Do That!. Scheduled to air from Friday, July 15, 2022, this drama series can be watched online via the Netflix live streaming video platform.

Mom, Don’t Do That! adapted from the novel ‘My Mother’s Interracial Marriage’ by Chen Ming Min which was written based on a true story. The plot centers on an elderly woman whose ambition is to find love again after her husband dies.

The drama, which was directed by Chen Hui Ling and Li Jun Hong, basically depicts how three women from different generations find their respective values ​​after experiencing significant changes in their lives. The three central characters in the drama, which cost up to 100 million NTD to produce, starred Billie Wang Xue E, Alyssa Chia Ching Wen, and Alice Ko Chia Yen.

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Mom, Don’t Do That! Taiwan Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleMom, Don’t Do That!
GenreComedy, romance, drama
DirectorChen Hui Ling, Li Jun Hong
WritersXu Yan Ping
Episodes8 Episodes
Release DateFriday, 07/15/2022
Original NetworkNetflix
Watch LinkNetflix

Watch Taiwan Drama Mom, Don’t Do That! with English subtitles as many as 8 Episodes every – on the official Netflix network website.


Mei Mei (Billie Wang) feels overwhelmed after her husband, with whom she has been married for decades, passes away. After experiencing the pain of mourning, Mei Mei decides to live for herself and embarks on a ‘pursuit of revenge love’ adventure.

In the process of pursuing true love, Mei Mei goes through various events – from accidentally becoming a mistress to being heartbroken after being cheated by a stranger she meets online.

Her two daughters, Ru Rong (Alyssa Chia) and Ruo Min (Alice Ko), are irritated and try everything they can to stop their mother’s determination to find love. Especially Ru Rong, the eldest daughter who took over her father’s role to take care of her mother and sister.

The woman who remains single at almost 40 years old has a fairly conservative view of love. This novelist and Chinese teacher believes that women should be very careful in choosing the man who will be her soulmate.

On the other hand, Ruo Min could give anything for love. She can’t get rid of her boyfriend, Xiao Cha (Austin Lin), who always asks for money and has cheated on her multiple times. Even though her mother and sister tried to persuade Ruo Min to part with Xiao Cha, she seemed to be drowning in it.


  • Billie Wang (Mei Mei)
  • Alyssa Chia (Ru Rong)
  • Alice Ko (Ruo Min)
  • Austin Lin (Xiao Cha)
  • Wu Kang-ren
  • Johnny Kou
  • Vicky Tseng

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