Ultimate Weapon Alice (2022), Korean Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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Park Se Wan and Song Geong Hee flee the pursuit of an international criminal organization in the teen drama series, Ultimate Weapon Alice. Directed by Lee Byung Heon (Extreme Job) and Seo Sung Won, the series can be watched starting Friday, June 24, 2022 online through the live streaming video platform Watcha.

Ultimate Weapon Alice follows the adventures of Gyeo Wool, a mysterious teenager who has just transferred to a high school, and Yeo Reum, one of the school’s students. Starting with suspicion, the two of them get involved in a chase, running from a killer group that turns out to be related to Gyeo Wool’s past.

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After his breakthrough role in the drama series Sky Castle, Song Geong Hee has appeared as a supporting cast in various popular Korean series. Now, the young actor will take the lead role alongside rising actress Park Se Wan (I’m Not a Robot, Just Dance). In addition to the youthful couple, Ultimate Weapon Alice features veteran actors such as Kim Sung Oh, Kim Tae Hoon, and Jung Seung Gil.

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Ultimate Weapon Alice Korean Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleUltimate Weapon Alice
GenreAction, romance, teen, drama
DirectorLee Byung Heon, Seo Sung Won
WritersLee Byung Heon, Seo Sung Won
Episodes8 Episodes
Release DateFriday, 06/24/2022
Original NetworkWatcha
Watch LinkWatcha

Watch Korean Drama Ultimate Weapon Alice with English subtitles as many as 8 Episodes every Friday on the official Watcha network website.


Gyeo Wool (Park Se Wan) is a mysterious new transfer student. Reportedly moved from the UK, there isn’t much to gossip about in school hallways regarding her origins. Yeo Reum (Song Geon Hee), a deeply traumatized student who maintains the school’s peace and non-violence principle, has his own guess.

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Yeo Reum and Gyeo Wool had met before, one night when Gyeo Wool saved Yeo Reum’s life. Witnessing her abilities, Yeo Reum thought Gyeo Wool was a bully. His prediction missed the mark quite far, because the girl, also known as Alice, was actually a weapon trained since birth to kill. After successfully escaping from her institution, Gyeo Wool now must run from the criminals who want to bring her back, with Yeo Reum accidentally dragged into her adventure.


  • Park Se Wan (Gyeo Wool)
  • Song Geon Hee (Yeo Reum)
  • Kim Sung Oh (Mr. Ban)
  • Kim Tae Hoon (Spicy)
  • Jung Seung Gil (Detektif Nam Woo)
  • Byun Jun Seo (Park Jong Cheol)
  • Cha Joo Young

Ultimate Weapon Alice Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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