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The Korean version of the popular Spanish heist series, La Casa de Papel, will be available starting June 24, 2022. Entitled Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, this remake/spinoff can be watched online via the live streaming video platform Netflix.

Based on the original heist and set in the same fictional universe, Money Heist: Korea brings back the strategic mastermind, the Professor (Yoo Ji Tae). Inspired by the movement in Spain, the Professor collects a group of thieves from South and North Korea to carry out a similar heist. Their target is a new unified currency, produced together by the government of both territories. This brings a fresh twist to the series, which inserts elements of its country through details such as the Korean reunification and the use of traditional Hahoe masks.

Along with the Professor, the thieves will be making a return. Park Hae Soo (Berlin), Jeon Jong Seo (Tokyo), Lee Hyun Woo (Rio), Lee Won Jong (Moscow), Kim Ji Hoon (Denver), Jang Yoon Joo (Nairobi), Kim Ji Hoon (Helsinki), and Lee Kyu Ho (Oslo) completes the ragtag team lead by Yoo Ji Tae. In addition, Kim Yun Jin and Kim Sung Oh will play a law enforcement duo trying to decipher the Professor’s plans.

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Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Korean Drama Info

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TitleMoney Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area
GenreAction, thriller, mystery, crime
DirectorKim Hong Seon
WritersRyu Yong Jae, Kim Hwan Chae, Choi Sung Joon
Episodes12 Episodes
Release DateFriday, 06/24/2022
Original NetworkNetflix
Watch LinkNetflix


When the governments of South and North Korea united and planned to print a common currency, not everyone believed their good intentions. One of them is Tokyo (Jun Jong Seo), a female thief who is known for being cunning. It should be noted, Tokyo is not her real name. The city is just a codename she’s using in a massive heist operation happening soon.

Tokyo was recruited by a genius man known as the Professor (Yoo Ji Tae). It wasn’t just her, the Professor had also attracted a bunch of other thieves, from both sides of Korea. Their mission, rob the Korean Unification Mint. The target? Four trillion of the new currency.

Guided by the Professor’s plan, Tokyo and her friends pull off a heist like no other. At the same time, a joint team led by Cha Moo Hyeok (Kim Sung Oh) from North Korea and Seon Woo Jin (Kim Yun Jin) from South Korea tries to thwart their efforts. As tensions run high both inside and outside the building, will the Professor and his team be able to successfully complete the operation?

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  • Yoo Ji Tae (Professor)
  • Kim Yun Jin (Sun Woo Jin)
  • Park Hae Soo (Berlin)
  • Jun Jong Seo (Tokyo)
  • Lee Won Jong (Moscow)
  • Park Myoung Hoon (Jo Young Min)
  • Kim Sung Oh (Cha Moo Hyeok)
  • Kim Ji Hoon (Denver)
  • Jang Yoon Ju (Nairobi)
  • Lee Joo Bin (Yoon Mi Sun)
  • Lee Hyun Woo (Rio)
  • Kim Ji Hoon (Helsinki)
  • Lee Kyu Ho (Oslo)

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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Watch the Korean Drama Series entitled Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area with Indonesian subtitles as many as 12 episodes every Friday on the official website of the Netflix online tv cinema network.

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