A Dream of Splendor (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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Crystal Liu aka Liu Yi Fei is back in a historical drama for the first time in 16 years through A Dream of Splendor. The Chinese drama series, which is scheduled to premiere starting on Thursday, June 2, 2022, can be watched online via the live streaming video platform Tencent Video.

A Dream of Splendor, also known as ‘Meng Hua Lu’, is directed by Yang Yang and written by Zhang Wei. This 40-episode drama tells the story of three women who join hands in facing various difficulties, adapted from the opera ‘Zhao Pan Er Feng Yue Jiu Feng Chen’ by Guan Han Qing.

Crystal Liu was lined up as the main player along with Ada Liu, Jelly Lin, and Chen Xiao. A number of other supporting artists who also performed included Xu Hai Qiao, Zhang Xiao Qian, Dai Xu, Guan Yun Peng, Daisly Li, Ji Nai, and Liu Ke Jun.

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A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama Info

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TitleA Dream of Splendor
GenreHistorical, romance
DirectorYang Yang
WritersZhang Wei
Episodes40 Episodes
Release DateThursday, 02.06.2022
Aired Thursday Friday Saturday
Original NetworkTencent Video
Watch LinkTencent Video (WeTV)


Zhao Pan Er (Liu Yi Fei) who runs a tea shop in Hangzhou receives the good news that her fiancé, Ouyang Xu (Xu Hai Qiao), is at Beijing High School. Unexpectedly, her fiancé chose to ignore Zhao Pan Er.

Unwilling to be treated this way, Zhao Pan Er decided to go to Beijing to find out what really happened. On her way to Beijing, Zhao Pan Er must urgently save her good sister, Song Yin Zhang (Jelly Lin), who is experiencing marriage fraud and being molested.

At the same time, she also saves Sun San Niang (Ada Liu) who is trying to end her life due to a messy marriage. But when she arrived in Beijing, Zhao Pan Er never expected that her fiancé would use various means to drive her out of the capital.

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Under uncertain conditions, Zhao Pan Er, Song Yin Zhang, and Sun San Niang finally decided to stay in the capital and rely on their own abilities to achieve success. Through various obstacles, the three manage to work together to turn a small tea house into the largest in the city.


  • Crystal Liu Yi Fei (Zhao Pan Er)
  • Chen Xiao (Gu Qian Fan)
  • Ada Liu (Sun San Niang)
  • Jelly Lin (Song Yin Zhang)
  • Xu Hai Qiao (Ouyang Xu)
  • Zhang Xiao Qian (Du Chang Feng)
  • Dai Xu (Chi Ya Nei)
  • Guan Yun Peng (Chen Lian)
  • Wang Luo Yong (Xiao Qin Yan)
  • Deisy Li (Ge Zhao Di)
  • Sun Zu Jun (Shen Ru Zhuo)

A Dream of Splendor Trailer – Eng Subtitle

YouTube video

Watch Chinese Drama A Dream of Splendor with English subtitles as many as 40 Episodes every Thursday Friday Saturday on the official Tencent Video (WeTV) network website.

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