My Superhero (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

LifeStyleFilm and DramaMy Superhero (2022), Chinese Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

An emotional romantic story in urban areas is present in the Chinese drama series My Superhero which airs starting on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The CDrama, which consists of 37 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes per episode, can also be watched online through the live streaming video platform Tencent Video.

In the drama series adapted from the novel ‘Wo De Gai Shi Ying Xiong’ by Bao Jing Jing, Huang Xuan and Bai Bai He are lined up as the main pair. A number of other artists who also performed included Zhu Yu Chen, Bai Yu Fan, Yang Kun, and Chai Bi Yun.

My Superhero mainly tells the love story between a hotel doorman and a flight attendant who struggle to improve their lives so that they are finally able to achieve better versions of themselves.

Check out all the important info related to the Chinese Drama My Superhero that C-Drama Lovers need to know.

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My Superhero Chinese Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Stream

TitleMy Superhero
GenreRomance, drama
DirectorLi Xue
WritersYuan Zi Dan
Episodes37 Episodes
Release DateWednesday, 18.05.2022
Original NetworkBeijing TV, Dragon TV
Watch LinkTencent Video


Zhang Guang Zheng (Huang Xuan) is a hotel doorman who is accept life as it is, just going with the flow and has no higher aspirations. One day, he falls in love at first sight when he meets Zheng You En (Bai Bai He), a flight attendant who has an independent and attractive attitude.

In order to get closer to his idol, Zhang Guang Zheng joins a dance group in a public area which is joined by Liu Mei Li (Yang Kun), Zheng You En’s mother. The spirit and courage of the dancing grannies infected Zhang Guang Zheng so that he began to rethink his career to get a better life.

At the same time, a hotel manager who appears to have a firm attitude initiates an employee development program. With the support of his friends, Zhang Guang Zheng worked hard to pass the assessment so that he had the opportunity to continue his studies.

Love made Zhang Guang Zheng try to move forward and narrow the distance with Zheng You En. At the same time, his tenacity has an impact on the lives of those around him, including the aloof Zheng You En, Wang Niu Lang (Zhu Yu Chen) who is afraid to love someone, and Chen Jing Dian (Bai Yu Fan) who gave up on his postgraduate entrance examination for fear of failing.

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His efforts to improve himself turned out to be successful in creating the best version of a Zhang Guang Zheng.


  • Huang Xuan (Zhang Guang Zheng)
  • Bai Bai He (Zheng You En)
  • Zhu Yu Chen (Wang Niu Lang)
  • Bai Yu Fan (Chen Jing Dian)
  • Yang Kun (Liu Mei Li)
  • Chai Bi Yun
  • Xue Hao Jing
  • Ding Jia Li
  • Yue Yang
  • Karlina Zhang
  • Jia Jing Hui

My Superhero Trailer – Eng Subtitle

YouTube video

Watch Chinese Drama My Superhero with English subtitles as many as 37 Episodes every – on the official Tencent Video network website.

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