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The story of friendship between two women, starring Chai Bi Yun and Li Qian, comes through the drama series Tomorrow Will Be Better. The CDrama, which began airing on Monday, May 1, 2022, can be watched online via the Mango TV live streaming video platform.

The 48-episode drama, known in Chinese as ‘Little Pity and Geer’, is directed by Gu Jing and written by Ma Jie. The shooting of this drama has been completed since August 2019 in Hefei, Anhui.

Apart from Chai Bi Yun and Li Qian, Shao Feng and He Ming Han also enlivened the ranks of the main players. Meanwhile, several other supporting artists who performed included Liang Jia Wei, Gong Xheng, Xu Hao, and child actor Jerry Gong.

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Tomorrow Will be Better Chinese Drama Info

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TitleTomorrow Will be Better (Xiao Lian Yu Ge Er)
GenreRomance, life, melodrama
DirectorGu Jing
WritersMa Jie
Episodes48 Episodes
Release DateSunday, 01.05.2022
AiredEvery day
Original NetworkMango TV
Watch LinkMango TV


Liu Xiao Lian (Chai Bi Yun) and Ding Ge’er (Li Qian) are a pair of best friends who have a close relationship like brothers. Having failed to attend a college interview due to an accident, Ge’er ends up attending nursing school with Xiao Lian.

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After graduation, both applied at the same hospital. Wu Nan (Shao Feng), the son of the department head, is attracted to Xiao Lian’s cheerful demeanor.

Meanwhile, Xia Tian (He Ming Han) who was rejected by Xiao Lian has returned from the army. Even though Ge’er tried to approach Xia Tian, he just want to reconcile with Xiao Lian.

When Xiao Lian and Wu Nan were supposed to get their marriage certificate, Wu Nan’s ex-girlfriend was injured and rushed to the emergency room. Wu Nan rushes off to help his ex-lover, leaving behind an sad Xiao Lian.

Xiao Lian ends up marrying Xia Tian. In the midst of her husband’s fast-paced career, Xiao Lian is worried about not being able to conceive. Thanks to the help of Ge’er who works in obstetrics and gynecology, Xiao Lian finally gave birth to Xia Jia Bao.

Trouble came when Ge’er found out that Xia Tian was going to inherit. She immediately composes a lie about Xia Jia Bao and forces Xiao Lian to divorce her husband.

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However, the Dingle incident made Xiao Lian and Xia Tian reunite, while Ge’er had to serve her sentence. From the detention center, Ge’er apologized to Xiao Lian and thanked her for her tolerance.


  • Chai Bi Yun (Liu Xiao Lian)
  • Li Qian (Ding Ge’er)
  • Shao Feng (Wu Nan)
  • He Ming Han (Xia Tian)
  • Gong Zheng (Wu Nan)
  • Liang Jia Wei (Wu Bao Yi)
  • Xu Hao (Xiao Qu)
  • Hu Hong Yu (Ding Xiao Qiang)
  • Yu Cong (Mao Xiao Yi)

Tomorrow Will be Better Trailer – Eng Subtitle

Watch Chinese Drama Tomorrow Will be Better (Xiao Lian Yu Ge Er) with English subtitles as many as 48 Episodes every Every day on the official Mango TV network website.

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