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The latest collaboration between Zhao Li Ying and director Zheng Xiao Long is coming soon through the Chinese drama series The Story of Xing Fu, which is scheduled to air from Wednesday, June 29, 2022. The CDrama adapted from the novel Qiu Ju Chuan Qi by Chen Yuan Bin can be watched online via the Youku live streaming video platform.

The Story of Xing Fu marks the second collaboration between Zhao Li Ying and Zheng Xiao Long after more than 13 years working together in the drama series ‘Golden Wedding’ (2007). Zheng Xiao Long himself is known as an experienced director who has received various awards, while Zhao Li Ying is gaining popularity through her role as Xing Er in the drama ‘New My Fair Princess’ (2011).

In the drama, which is known in Chinese as ‘Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes’, Zhao Li Ying plays He Xing Fu and will compete with Liu Wei and Tang Zeng in the main cast. Basically, this drama tells the life journey of a girl named He Xing Fu, which means happiness, who grows up after going through various trials in career, marriage, love, and family.

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The Story of Xing Fu Chinese Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch

TitleThe Story of Xing Fu (Xing Fu Dao Wan Jia)
GenreLaw, drama
DirectorZheng Xiao Long, Liu Xue Song, Yao Yuan
WritersChen Yuan Bin (Novel), Zhao Dong Ling
Episodes40 Episodes
Release DateWednesday, 29.06.2022
Original NetworkYouku
Watch LinkYouku

Watch Chinese Drama The Story of Xing Fu (Xing Fu Dao Wan Jia) with English subtitles as many as 40 Episodes every – on the official Youku network website.

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He Xing Fu (Zhao Li Ying) is a hard-working woman who is honest, brave, smart, and unyielding. She marries Wan Qing Lai (Tang Zeng), a young man from Wan Jia Village who is honest but rather weak and afraid to face problems.

When her sister was humiliated in the middle of a wedding ceremony, He Xing Fu immediately took action and hit the perpetrator on the head. In her panic, He Xing Fu injures Wan Chuan Jia (Cao Zheng), the son of one of the village leaders, Wan Shan Tang (Liu Wei). Since then, the relationship between He Xing Fu and Wan Shan Tang has deteriorated.

Problem after problem arose until one time a health care product factory was planned to be built in the village, precisely on the farm of He Xing Fu’s in-law. Bravely, she went to court with Wan Shan Tang to get reasonable compensation.

Some time later, He Xing Fu was bleeding profusely during childbirth. Wan Shan Tang immediately took the initiative and arrange the villagers to donate blood for saving Heng Xi Fu’s life. This made her very grateful to Wan Shan Tang.

Unexpectedly, the complaint letter about the factory that He Xing Fu sent received attention and caused the officers to come to the village. This made Wan Shan Tang so angry that he fell ill.

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This incident angered the villagers so that He Xing Fu and her husband were rejected by the residents and had no choice but to move to the city to live a new life. Unfortunately, urban life is not an easy thing for a young couple to live, so their relationship is getting worse.

He Xing Fu finally decided to return to her village to develop her tourism business. When a pollution incident related to the factory arose, He Xing Fu again intervened to lead the citizens to fight back.

Her actions made the people feel salute and respect for He Xing Fu. So did Wan Shan Tang who trusted her as the new village head.


  • Zhao Li Ying (He Xing Fu)
  • Liu Wei (Wan Shan Tang)
  • Tang Zeng (Wang Qing Lai)
  • Luo Jin (Guan Tao)
  • Zhang Ke Ying (He Xing Yun)
  • Cao Zheng (Wan Chuan Jia)
  • Feng Lei
  • Song Jia Lun
  • Qian Jie
  • Lin Si Yi
  • Liu Yan Chen
  • Leslie Ma
  • Xin Peng
  • Chi Peng
  • Chen Wei

The Story of Xing Fu Video Trailer – Eng Subtitle

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