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Lee Joon Gi comeback to greeted his fans through the latest Korean drama series from the SBS network, Again My Life, which began airing on Friday, April 8, 2022. This fantasy-criminal drama can also be watched online via live streaming video platforms Viu and Viki.

Again My Life marks Lee Joon Gi’s comeback to the television screen after his last KDrama, Flower of Evil (2020). The drama, directed by Han Chul Soo, is adapted from the popular webtoon series and web novel Kakaopage of the same name by Lee Hae Nal.

Playing the role of a prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo, Lee Joon Gi will compete with other well-known artists including veteran actors Lee Kyung Young, Kim Ji Eun, Jung Sang Hoon, Choi Kwang Il, Hong Bi Ra, Kim Hee Jung, and Lee Soon Jae.

Check out all the important info related to the Korean Drama Again My Life (Hyeonjaeneun Aleumdawo) that K-Drama Lovers need to know.

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Again My Life Korean Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Stream

TitleAgain My Life (Hyeonjaeneun Aleumdawo)
GenreMystery, Law, Fantasy, Drama
DirectorHan Chul Soo
WritersLee Hae Nal (Web Novel)
Episodes16 Episodes
Release DateFriday, 08.04.2022.
AiredFriday Saturday
Original NetworkSBS
Watch LinkViu, Viki


Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi), the boy who got the lowest rank in high school, managed to enter university and even passed the bar exam through his perseverance and hard work. Now he is very enthusiastic in carrying out his work as a prosecutor.

Unfortunately, Kim Hee Woo was killed by an unknown man in the midst of his busy investigation of a corruption case involving politician Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young). But unexpectedly, a grim reaper offers to join hands with Kim Hee Woo and give him a second chance to complete his important task.

Kim Hee Woo accepts the offer and comes back to life. After being reinstated to the mortal realm, he finds that he must return to university again to complete his academic assignments while trying to find out the truth about what happened to him.

In the course of time, he meets Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun), the youngest daughter of a conglomerate family that owns the Cheonha business group who is a genius and has strong beliefs. Next, they are joined by Lee Min Soo (Jung Sang Hoon) – a fellow lawyer who is fierce but hides his fierceness.

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There is only one goal that Kim Hee Woo and his colleagues target. Despite having to go through various obstacles and difficulties, they are determined to bring the evil and corrupt politician Jo Tae Seob behind bars.


  • Lee Joon Gi (Kim Hee Woo)
  • Lee Kyung Young (Jo Tae Seob)
  • Kim Ji Eun (Kim Hee Ah)
  • Jung Sang Hoon (Lee Min Soo)
  • Choi Kwang Il (Kim Seok Hoon)
  • Hong Bi Ra (Kim Gyu Ri)
  • Kim Hee Jung (Lee Mi Ok)
  • Lee Soon Jae (Woo Yeong Soo)
  • Kim Hyung Mook (Jang Il Hyeon)
  • Kim Jin Woo (Choi Kang Jin)
  • Kim Jae Kyung (Kim Han Mi)
  • Ji Chan (Park Sang Man)
  • Yoo Dong Geun (Hwang Jin Yong)

Again My Life Video Trailer

YouTube video

Watch Korean Drama Again My Life (Hyeonjaeneun Aleumdawo) with English subtitles as many as 16 Episodes every Friday Saturday on the official Viu, Viki network website.

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