Pachinko, Korean Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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Oscar-winning artist, Youn Yuh Jung, will co-star with some of the world’s leading actors including Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha through the latest original Korean drama series from Apple TV+, Pachinko. This 8-episode drama will start airing on Friday, March 25, 2022, and can be watched online via the Apple TV+ live streaming video platform.

Adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Lee Min Jin, Pachinko tells about the dreams and hopes of four generations of Korean immigrant families who decide to move to Japan in order to search of a better life. This KDrama is a multicultural production featuring dialogue in three languages ​​- Korean, Japanese and English.

Pachinko’s story begins with a forbidden love story set in history when Korea was colonized by Japan during World War II. The main storyline follows the life story of a woman named Kim Sun Ja, from birth to old age, played by Yu Na Jeon (little Sun Ja), Kim Min Ha (teen Sun Ja), and Youn Yuh Jung (older Sun Ja).

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Pachinko Korean Drama Info

Schedule & How to Watch Stream

GenreFamily, drama.
DirectorKogonada, Justin Chon
WritersLee Min Jin (novel), Soo Hugh
Release DateFriday, March 25 2022
Original NetworkApple TV+
Watch LinkApple TV+


Born and raised in Busan – Korea, Kim Sun Ja (Youn Yuh Jung) also experienced the suffering experienced by Koreans during the Japanese colonial period.

Kim Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) falls in love with Koh Han Su (Lee Min Ho), a Korean man who lives in Osaka, Japan, and is known as a fish trader and broker who regularly visits Busan.

When she was pregnant, Kim Sun Ja found out that Koh Han Su had married another woman. This fact broke Sun Ja’s heart into pieces.

She is saved by a priest at the church named Baek Isak (Noh Sang Hyun) who is willing to marry her. The new couple then moved to Japan, where Sun Ja gave birth to their child.

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Life as a Korean in Japan at that time was not easy. Sometimes they have to face humiliation and discrimination in the struggle for survival.


  • Youn Yuh Jung (Kim Sun Ja)
  • Lee Min Ho (Koh Han Su)
  • Kim Min Ha (Kim Sun Ja – remaja)
  • Jin Ha (Baek Solomon)
  • Noh Sang Hyun (Baek Isak)
  • Jung Eun Chae (Choi Kyung Hee)
  • Han Joon Woo (Baek Yoseb)
  • Soji Arai (Baek Mozasu)
  • Kaho Minami (Etsuko Nagatomi)
  • Anna Sawai (Naomi)
  • Mari Yamamoto (Hana)
  • Jung Woong In

Pachinko Video Trailer

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Watch Korean Drama Pachinko with English subtitles as many as 8 Episodes every Friday on the official Apple TV+ network website.

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