Juvenile Delinquency, Korean Drama Series : How To Watch & Trailers

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Yoon Chan Young and Won Ji An will soon greet KDrama fans through the latest Korean drama series from the Olleh TV network, Juvenile Delinquency, which starts airing on Friday, March 25, 2022. The drama about the dark life of a teenager can also be watched online through the live streaming videos platform Seezn TV.

After playing Lee Cheong San in the Netflix drama ‘All of Us are Dead’, Yoon Chan Young will transform into Gong Yoon Tak, a smart and responsible country boy. While Won Ji An plays the main character Kyung Da Jung, a troubled teenage girl.

Juvenile Delinquency is directed by Jo Yong Ik and written by Jung Soo Yoon. Several other artists who were involved include Yoon Hyun Soo, Han Se Jin, and Yang Seo Hyun.

Check out all the important info related to the Korean Drama Juvenile Delinquency that K-Drama Lovers need to know.

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Juvenile Delinquency Korean Drama Info

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TitleJuvenile Delinquency
GenreRomance, Youth, Criminal, Drama
DirectorJo Yong Ik
WritersJung Soo Yoon
Episodes10 series
Release DateFriday, March 25 2022
Original NetworkOlleh TV
Watch LinkSeezn TV


Five troubled teens accidentally meet in a village, where they discover a marij-uana field.

Starting from the arrival of Kyung Da Jung (Won Ji An), an 18-year-old teenager who was used by her parents as a drug delivery until one day fled to the countryside to hide after making a mistake while sending goods.

In that village she meets Gong Yoon Tak (Yoon Chan Young), Gong Yoon Jae (Yoon Hyun Soo), Kim Kook Hee (Han Se Jin) and Hong Ae Ran (Yang Seo Hyun). Along with her friends, Kyung Da Jung also accidentally finds a marij-uana field.

Gong Yoon Tak is a country boy who becomes the breadwinner of the family while taking care of his father and two younger siblings. He is known as a quiet farmer who is diligent and full of responsibility, even considered as the ideal son-in-law candidate by the adults in their environment.

Unlike Gong Yoon Tak, the younger brother – Gong Yoon Jae (Yoon Hyun Soo) – is known as the most troubled child in their area. Having a rebellious character, Gong Yoon Jae always tries to find opportunities to get away from home and create problems by living life as he pleases.

Meanwhile, Kim Kook Hee (Han Se Jin), a teenager who does not have a permanent place to live, is considered a cheerleader by local residents through his unique, cheerful and optimistic personality. Even though actually Kim Kook Hee harbored an indescribable wound.

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  • Won Ji An (Kyung Da Jung)
  • Yoon Chan Young (Gong Yoon Tak)
  • Yoon Hyun Soo (Gong Yoon Jae)
  • Han Se Jin (Kim Kook Hee)
  • Yang Seo Hyun (Hong Ae Ran)

Juvenile Delinquency Video Trailer

Watch Korean Drama Juvenile Delinquency with English subtitles as many as 10 Episodes every Friday on the official Seezn TV network website.

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