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Resepbyta.com is an online media portal that reviews and presents news about lifestyle, technology (Techno), and sports (Sport).

Vision and mission

Vision: To be the Most Inspiring Online Lifestyle, Technology and Sports News Portal Media

Mission: Presenting complete content in the form of news articles, videos, pictures and everything related to Lifestyle, Techno, and sports.

There are many articles, content, news about lifestyle, technology, and sports on Resepbyta. All of them are written by fellow writers who are experienced in their fields.

Resepbyta.com content includes Entertainment (Music, Movies, Korean Drama), K-POP (Idols, Korean artists), Sports (soccer, MotoGP, etc.), Travel (Tourism, Culinary), and Techno (Technology), Recipes ( Cook).

All articles, photos, and or videos have been through the editorial from the Resepbyta team regarding their authenticity (original). Reaching a wider audience, some of Resepbyta’s articles will be translated into Indonesian, Dutch, Swedish, German, Spanish and Malay.

The content of Resepbyta.com is getting more complete thanks to the collaboration of news from portals such as Toper.me which is still one group in terms of management.

We hope that you will benefit and be inspired by the content presented on the Resepbyta site.



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